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We talk about:

  • What it’s like to start own and run a ceramics company

  • How she found a way to take her childhood passion & fascination with sculpture and turn it into a viable business model.

  • The role your own values play in the direction of your company

  • Why she sells only from her website

  • The wisdom of your body when following your calling

  • An insight into her Kickstarter success

About Camila

I started creating characters in clay because they totally cheered me up. Other people kept telling me my creatures made them smile too. And so the Camila Prada collection was born.

I collaborate with UK master craftsmen to get my ideas made into products you can use in your home. Everything is made in the historic birthplace of fine British china. Look under the teacups in your Grandma’s cabinet, you will see the name “Stoke-on-Trent”. This is where all my ceramics are made.

Check out Camila’s Ceramics at https://camilaprada.com/  Say Hi on on Facebook and check out what goes into making these china pieces on Instagram