From Training Snowboarding Instructors To Becoming An International Yoga & Health Coach Christina McGrath Tells Her Story

Listen to the Conversation Here 

During our conversation Christina talks about her transition from training snowboarding instructor’s to being an international yoga and health coach

We talk about:

  • The impact that yoga has had on Christina’s life
  • How balance and vitality mean different things to different people
  • The value she offers to her clients now she’s created work that’s a great fit for her.
  • How she’s helping super fit and  busy people regain balance and vitality.
  • How pushing ourselves to work out isn’t always the best
  • Getting you fit for your life

Her company Swell Fit Living’s mission is to allow us to all be fit for life – through balance, performance and vitality programs. She provides online yoga videos, 6 week programs, and one on one transformational health coaching