We talk about:

A fascinating conversation with Erika about her  transition journey integrating her art therapy background, being a Musician, creating her own art and developing a business that really fit’s her and as a result makes a difference for her community. 

  • The different business models that work together so Erica’s work is sustainable.
  • Being a reluctant leader when your shy and introverted
  • How to use art to support us through life transitions.

About Erica

I’m Erika Cleveland. I’m an artist and writer, and former art therapist. My mission is to, through my healing dolls, be a channel for healing for women in transition. I’m at that stage of life, recently hit 50, where priorities shift and what once seemed important has changed. To be perfectly honest, change terrifies me and so am living the phrase, “teach what you most need to learn.”

I make dolls that are meant to be a catalyst for change. Some of them can be viewed here on the website. If you are interested in a custom made doll, for specific healing purposes, please see the commissioned doll page.

I offer workshops for women to make dolls, and to create inspirational books, all on the theme of healing, change and transformation. And I’ve been an artist for most of my life, recently (last five or so years)  taking up doll-making as my passion. Now I want to bring my passions and gifts out into the bigger world. You can expect quirky, fun, transformational things to be happening here. My website continues to change and develop as I add new techniques, experiences and skills to my repertoire.

Check out Erika’s amazing work here http://www.transformativehealingdolls.com/