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Discover Your Direction In Life & Business With Kathryn Price

During this conversation we discuss:

  • Kathryn’s  wiggly career path and how it lead to Upcycled & Co the business she has created now.
  • How diving in and starting fast is so crucial to finding out what works.
  • What it really takes to start.
  • Why making good use of the skills you have to market your business initially, helps.
  • How to decide on your right next step.

Listen to the conversation here

About Kathryn

I have always loved to create… I love the texture, colour, and most of all, expressing myself through the creative process. As a teenager, it was sewing my own clothes, then later knitting, with the odd bit of poetry thrown in. In my 20s I tried all sorts, from decoupage to abstract acrylic painting on canvas, and for the last 15 years I have been into what we now call upcycling, in one way or another – repainting plant pots, recovering lamp shades, painting the odd piece of furniture and trying out experimenting with creative painting techniques on old photo frames and vases to a give them a new look.
When I reconnected with this passion, I became addicted! Discovering just how quick, easy, and affordable it is to totally transform a piece of furniture, is what I’m most passionate about sharing with you.
I want you to be able to make your home beautiful, without having to spend a fortune. In April 2017 I launched my own brand of paint, Upcycled & Co. Furniture Paint, and with it, proven processes to create all of your favourite finishes, without the need for wax or polyurethane. And, even better, no sanding or priming either! Come on over and join my FREE Furniture Painting Workshop to see just how easy it is… I can’t wait to teach you!.

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