We talk about:

  • Melissa’s transiition from running lodges to working fulltime in her online business

  • Growing her readership to over 5000 readers worldwide

  • How she overcame her symptoms of endo and is pain and symptom free

  • The REACH Programme that supports woman with endometriosis

  • How she generates income from her business

  • Her journey to creating work that offers her the highest level of fulfilment

  • The Challenges of working online.

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About Melissa

After enduring more than 15 years of pain and symptoms from endometriosis, Melissa Turner finally discovered an approach which has allowed her to successfully manage the condition. She shares her acquired knowledge with women who have endometriosis and are keen to try a holistic approach. She is currently completing a 5 year degree in Natural Medicine.

You can find out more about her and your work at www.endoempowered.com  Join her supportive community https://www.facebook.com/groups/endoempowered/ and follow her on facebook