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A Conversation on Creating Work That Fits With Molly Gordon

About Molly

Molly Gordon is a writer, coach, and teacher whose purpose is to add to the love, light, and delight in the world. She works with men and women in all walks of life who long to be freer, bolder, and more at home in themselves so that they can express and contribute their genius to the whole.

Molly is a trailblazer in both coaching and marketing. She built her practice almost entirely online, beginning in 1996, years before Internet marketing was a thing.  You can learn more about Molly’s work at www.shaboominc.com.

During this conversation we discuss 

  • How Molly defines Right Work and  Right Livelihood
  • Discovering that trying to figure it out is part of the problem and what’s worked better
  • How choosing clarity over certainty can be helpful in moving forward
  • The trap of wanting to stay happy and avoid other emotions and experiences
  • What the teachings of the Three Principles have opened up and the impact this has had
  • How realising that it’s not enough to just be happy and feeling called to support everyone to groove on their life and how this informs her direction.


Listen to the conversation here