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Discover Your Direction In Life & Business With Philippa Ross

During this conversation we discuss 

  • Philippa’s wealth of experience gained through her story
  • Creating your own version of success
  • Identifying and meeting your needs
  • Using small moments to fill you up
  • Overcoming being labelled illiterate at school and feeling like a failure to go on to complete advanced degree
  • How Philippa’s young children inspired her to get started
  • How fulfilment and purpose evolve and unfold rather than be found.


Listen to the conversation here


About Philippa

Philippa Ross describes herself as an Enthusiologist – a title that stands out as a testament to her character and desire to help people create a fulfilling life they feel enthusiastic about. She invites people to think of her as an unconventional, risque fairy godmother, here to deliberately keep you out after midnight, lead you astray and away from the ordinary to the extraordinary. She’ll help you can find the magic ingredients that energise your soul, heart, mind, and body to form an understanding and deep trusting relationship to the value and wisdom you have within yourself; giving you the confidence to live life according to what you know is best for you. She can be found at www.philippaross.com and check out her winter wellness retreat winter wellness retreat here