Discover Your Direction In Life & Business With Philippa Ross

Discover Your Direction In Life & Business With Philippa Ross

Philippa’s wealth of experience gained through her story
Creating your own version of success
Identifying and meeting your needs
Using small moments to fill you up
Overcoming being labelled illiterate at school and feeling like a failure to go on to complete advanced degree
How Philippa’s young children inspired her to get started

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Talking Create the Work You Want with Laura George

Talking Create the Work You Want with Laura George

Click to listen to the Interview with Laura George. I love my conversation with Laura, a former jewellery maker who only had her corporate job for 5 months before being pulled in other directions. Together we talk about: - Why being an artist FEELS harder, but doesn't...

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“Sarah is a masterful coach, I have achieved a huge breakthrough to business planning thanks to Sarah’s brilliant guidance and coaching skills. Thank you for a life changing experience.” Jane Upward

Jane Upward

Founder , Sparkle Space

Sarah has been great in listening to me and provided me with interesting tools to help me to get my own thoughts and priorities into order. She is very passionate about her work and enthuses me to find the right way for me and my work. She is second to none in providing advice and has a knack to pick up on what you are really saying. Sarah is a great coach to have on your side.

Michaela Petermann

Business Partner, Victoria and Albert Museum

If you want to be enthused and energised into action then Sarah is the right coach for you. As a client you can expect her to both encourage and cajole you because her focus is on enabling her clients to succeed.

Mike Hughes

Tactical Planner, Kimberly-Clark

“Sarah Kent provides a great advice service for professionals who are starting out on their own. I recently interviewed Sarah who agreed to be one of a panel of career experts for a series of career advice podcasts. I have to say the advice she offers is spot on and her enthusiasm is infectious when it comes to guiding and motivating clients.” 

Alex Wilson Campbell

Online Marketing Manager ,

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