I love my conversation with Laura, a former jewellery maker who only had her corporate job for 5 months before being pulled in other directions.
Together we talk about:
– Why being an artist FEELS harder, but doesn’t have to be.
– The 100 hour concept (not the 10,000 hour one), or how to choose a business topic!
– Some really great tip for when you’re first starting down the path of running your own business, including what to do with your first customers.


About Laura

Laura C George liberates artists who feel stuck, arming them with the knowledge they need to create a career that supports them emotionally and financially. Or, in short, she’s a business consultant for artists. When she’s not dishing out words of wisdom to artists, she indulges her sweet tooth with all things caramel, creates intaglio prints, and plays with her pup in the dog park.

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