I Can help you discover Your Direction  

(Even when you have no idea what you want to do next.) 

I started this business 8 years ago after more than a decade developing leaders and helping organisations change. During that time I saw too many smart people with so much to offer suffering in work that no longer fit.I could see the many options and different directions they could choose if they just knew how

That’s what I do Now.

I work one to one with clients ‘To Discover and Create Work That’s a Great Fit’ for you and your life now

It takes different forms 

Sometimes it’s working out what needs to happen in your current work for it to be more enjoyable or more stimulating,

Other times it working out what your next move might be and what you’ll need to get there whether thats a new role a new career or a whole new direction.

Employed, self employed, or a business owner I can help you understand what’s not working for you, discover what’s possible and demystify the way you get there. 

At the start it can seem unsurmountable or out of reach and yet it is possible if you know how to approach it right


My story how I got from there to here

I’ve always been someone who values choice 

I’ve  travelled a lot (from my native New Zealand, to London, and anywhere in between!). I have had lots of different careers and ended up at senior levels in corporate HR (Organisation Development).

By the time my HR career was taking off I was earning a great salary and doing very nicely… on the outside. On the inside, the reality was that I was living that life where those around you think you should be grateful to have any job, and just think of the money…

No one got how utterly miserable I was. What got to me was the lack of choice. I was wasting my life, it was ticking away and there was no meaning to this work. There really wasn’t the opportunity to grow in the way I wanted too. 

My Day Today

13782099_907471429363750_2069729656142436125_nToday I love my work – It provides me with the structure, freedom and income to live well.I have time to refuel and enjoy my work/life. Seeing the difference in people who do the work it takes, now enjoying their work is amazing.

I can’t wait to see what we discover for you

Who I am I to do this for you? 

  • A trusted coach to Career Changers (managers and executives and small business owners and the self employed) since 2008
  • Experienced  a varied career, from kindergarten teacher to delivering development projects at the highest levels of organisations, to delivering workshops for universities and business schools to running my own business.
  • I have helped 100’s of clients like you create simple, enjoyable, profitable work that’s are a great fit.
  • I walk the talk: 8 years ago I left my job to go contracting, and then I set up my own business.
  • I know what it’s like to be stuck in uncertainty and overwhelm and work that no longer fits  and I love sharing all that I’ve learnt so you can experience the fulfillment meaning and rewards you’re looking for.




“Sarah is a masterful coach, I have achieved a huge breakthrough to business planning thanks to Sarah’s brilliant guidance and coaching skills. Thank you for a life changing experience.” Jane Upward

Jane Upward

Founder , Sparkle Space

Sarah has been great in listening to me and provided me with interesting tools to help me to get my own thoughts and priorities into order. She is very passionate about her work and enthuses me to find the right way for me and my work. She is second to none in providing advice and has a knack to pick up on what you are really saying. Sarah is a great coach to have on your side.

Michaela Petermann

Business Partner, Victoria and Albert Museum

If you want to be enthused and energised into action then Sarah is the right coach for you. As a client you can expect her to both encourage and cajole you because her focus is on enabling her clients to succeed.

Mike Hughes

Tactical Planner, Kimberly-Clark

“Sarah Kent provides a great advice service for professionals who are starting out on their own. I recently interviewed Sarah who agreed to be one of a panel of career experts for a series of career advice podcasts. I have to say the advice she offers is spot on and her enthusiasm is infectious when it comes to guiding and motivating clients.” 

Alex Wilson Campbell

Online Marketing Manager , jobsforinfopros.com

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