I help new and experienced business owners get your business working for you.

There are so many moving parts to making a business work. So many decisions to make and so many ways of going about it, so much to learn and do that it’s easy to get lost, go off course get overwhelmed or hit a wall. This is before we throw the life into the mix as well.

It happens to everyone at some point.

The good news is that there are lots of ways you can navigate through this. That’s what I do help you recognise what you want from your business help you develop the skills strategies and mindset to make it happen.

I don’t tell you what you ‘should’ do or teach you how to run a business. I offer lots of options, and different strategies and we work out which works for you.

How it all came about

Since 2008, I’ve been working for myself I started out contracting then set up offering coaching consulting and training programmes to organisations and individuals. While doing this I learnt a ton about how businesses work and a ton more about how people tick.

I also found a way of working that really worked for me. As hard as I tried I’m just not cut out to be an employee. Being my own boss is part of who I am. It’s tough at times but I won’t do it any other way.

During this time I got more and more frustrated meeting smart talented people who had loads of to offer without access to ways to turn it into a living. I also get even more frustrated (..and still do) that much of the business advice sold to people was outdated, one size fits all or not relevant to their business model or circumstances.

I started working one to one with people to discover what would work for them and found that it was useful and I loved it. I get super excited about the amazing things my clients create.

I often get told that to be a business coach I need to focus on the bottom line because that’s what business owners want. Yes making money is important it’s the fuel that keeps things moving yet the people I work with know that this is just one part of it and being able to ensure that the things that really matter to them are given equal weight is what makes the biggest difference.

Now I do this pretty much full-time. I love working remotely and have worked with clients from lots of different countries, businesses and backgrounds.

I’m often asked What advice I would give to someone starting out in business .. So here it is.

Start small test and tweak as you go, sell it, get real feedback from customers who have bought, then find different customers with different feedback.

Keep doing it till you understand clearly the value that your best customer gets from your offer and are able to articulate it in their words. This forms the basis of your business model, and everything else stems from there. (it’s much easier to do than it sounds)

At the same time be asking yourself – Is this what I want to be doing? Can I see the value in how I’m spending m time? Am I enjoying this? If not how can I think about this and what can I do differently. Sacrificing today for an ideal future isn’t sustainable so face reality head on and work with it.